Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My life with God.

Once, not so long ago someone told me "a Godly women would not do that". I never replied on that because firstly: I couldn't believe that I was being attacked on my relationship with God and secondly, only God can judge me. 

Many see me as this bubbly, happy, always smiling girl. But they also know my heart and know that God comes first in everything I do in my life. Just writing this, I start to tear up as I wouldn't be here without God my saviour. 

God makes no mistakes, my life was surely not a mistake. It was a great gift and blessing from God. My close, dear friends and family know my up bringing and I am not saying it was easy but God had His hand of protection over me. 

In 2013 I was supposed to go Au Pair in Holland. I was so excited on my "new start" and a change of scenery. But for some odd reason nothing was working out. Every door I knocked on didn't open up. It broke my heart, not going to lie. My mom then said "Its not God's timing and you need to except that". And she was right (because moms are ALWAYS right). Because it didn't work out at that time, I carried on with life. Got a job, changed jobs, grew as a person and kept on praising God through everything. August 2016, I remember this day like yesterday, I was driving home and listening to Hillsong and just praising and worshipping God. In my heart I felt that change was need again, but this time my heart and mind leaned toward Au Pairing. Something that I have forgotten about. And funny enough when I got home, my other mom walks to me in the kitchen and says that she thinks I should do Au Pairing. We were both in the kitchen like "oh my goodness". We were stunned but we both knew that was God. 
My prayer to God was "God if this is for me, please guide me. Have your hand of protection on me. I know that Your timing is the perfect timing". And indeed it was. Long story short: God put me in an amazing family, wonderful state, surround by the best neighbors I have ever met in my life.
God knew what He was doing, I just needed to be patient and trust Him. His timing was the perfect timing. Looking back right now, I really needed the change and to get away and God knew that too and He provided. 

"When you ask, you will receive. You are a Child of God and only deserve the best" - everyday motivation.



  1. Sweet story! God is good, isn't He? Thanks for sharing! www.stilettosandflats.com ;)

  2. Beautiful testimony! I always have to remind myself to trust God to make a way & work everything right. As you said, it's His timing.


    1. So glad I could share this. Because I sometimes tend to forget how blessed I am.

  3. I love reading about others and the things that God does in their lives. Thank you for sharing your testimony!

    1. I am glad I had the courage to share because without God, I wouldn't be able to share this.


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