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Belated Birthday Outfit

So... By now if you know me, you would know that I run on African time and I have been pretty busy with figuring out life and traveling. But once again that is not an excuse.

Finally I am bringing you my outfit that I rocked on my birthday which was in April (please don't hate me). Guess this is what they call "Fashionably late"?

For my birthday outfit, I was all about white and black. Because I had just 25 and I was not ready for it! So my colours where very mellow and represented the way I felt and how I saw turning 25 years old. There was no gray area to that.
The top was from Papaya. I love the fit of this top as it was a half sleeve top. Because of the weather we had in California during the month of April, this was the perfect top for a day/night out. I was unable to find the exact top, but still found a similar style with short sleeves. Ready for those summer days.

Photographer: Danne Lues
The detail was very simple and yet elegant. Which worked out perfectly because as we all know I love looking good on a budget!

Photographer: Danne Lues
Now, let's talk about these pants!

Photographer: Danne Lues
Fam, I have started to love wide leg extra long pants. Yes I am tall but these pants gave me an extra height that I loved. It was so well fitting and they were high waisted. I mean what else can a girl ask for?

Photographer: Danne Lues
They didn't have the exact pants but I found similar pants that will pair nicely with the top.

Black heels were a gift from my friend.

Photographer: Danne Lues
Clutch bag was from Guess Factory store. Yes you read correctly, factory store. What I loved about the bag was how spacious it was. I bought this bag just over a year ago. But don't worry, I got your back and was once again I found something similar for you all.

I am sure you are dying to know how much this whole outfit cost me. (Drum roll please) It cost me $30.00 (excluding tax, the shoes and clutch).

Now that is what I call budget shopping on another level. 

My hair is from Samsbeauty and I did a review on the wig, so be sure to check it out.

Fashion is always fashionable

xoxo Not Just A Pretty Face oxox 

Whiter Teeth at Home?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Smile Brilliant but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever wanted whiter teeth but your budget just didn't allow it? I feel you because
that use to be me, until Smile Brilliant reached out and helped me to make my teeth white
again. The best part of it all is: I could do it in the comfort of my own bed.

Red wine, coffee and tea are just a few things that can stain your teeth over a course of
time. And that is where Smile Brilliant teeth whitening comes in. It whitens your teeth and
also protects it from getting stained again. Be sure to watch my previous video showing the
whole process.

What I like about Smile Brilliant teeth whitening; is the fact that I can do it at home or while
running errands, so easy to use, results do show over a period and you can continue using it
whenever you feel like you need a lil pick me up. Oh and before I forget, it is super
affordable and a little goes a long way.

But with all that being said, you know your girl keeps it real. When I started the process, my
gums started burning. Which lead to me stopping to use the teeth whitening for a couple of
days. I then went back again and the same thing happened. I reached out to one of the
Smile Brilliant consultants and they informed me to rub vaseline on my gums before I start
the process. It really helped and made the process so much easier.

All in all, Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening is amazing! And I would recommend it to

So what are you waiting for? Get those pearly whites ready for summer!


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Smile, and let the world wonder why. 
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Tooth Whitening Gel

Boxycharm May 2018 // Unboxing and Try On Haul

Firstly Happy Memorial Day to my American family and friends

Can't believe that this month is almost over! What happened to May? But honestly I can't say I am sad that the month went by so fast as it is a month closer to moving. YAS!

I feel like all I do is blab, but what I want to share with you today is my Boxycharm May unboxing. This month I received some amazing goodies and I received 6 products. So thank you very much Boxycharm. I never say no to extra goodies.

PUR - Sculptor Palette
All and all I loved the sculptor palette, my only issue was the highlighter. The highlighter was very glittery. I felt like I looked like a unicorn that had been splashed with glitter. This palette retails for $30.00.

CoverFX - Blurring Primer

Now, if you follow me on instagram, you would know that I love CoverFX products and this primer didn't disappoint at all. It left my skin so matte and ready for foundation. I LOVE THIS product. The primer retails for $38.00.

Pretty Vulgar - The Ink Gel Eyeliner 

I mainly use the eyeliner that looks like a pen because I suck when it comes to using liquid eyeliner. But this Ink Gel Eyeliner from Pretty Vulgalr was a life saver. It was so easy to apply and so easy to use. It retails for. $24.00.

Aesthetica 3 Piece Trio Brushed

These brushes were amazing. I am currently using the spoolie everyday as it is so soft on my eyebrows and I needed a new one. Will I buy this trio? Uhm... I don't think so because it retails for $45.00!

P12 Face Brush

The face brush was so soft on my skin. And it is so big, I just love it. I used my face brush to blend in my contouring (as seen in video) and it worked wonders. The face brush retails for $27.00.

Han Skin Care - Lip Gloss

My lips were POPPING with this lip gloss. It was not tacky and glided so smoothly on my lips. Its not a long wear so you need to keep on reapplying. But I over all loved it. You can find the lip gloss on their website for $15.00.

Like I said, overall I was pretty impressed with the May 2018 box. But don't take my word for it, be sure to check out the try on haul on my channel. 

Don't let today be a waste of makeup. - Tandjdesigns
xoxo Not Just A Pretty Face oxox

Boots In Spring // Fashion Diaries

Pretty Faces, it's no lie that I have been slacking with the fashion blogging. But you know what; I am not just going to buy clothes for the fact of "the picture", "the gram" and who knows what else. You all know your girl is on a THGHT budget! I feel like I am the definition of a budget queen, wouldn't you agree?

Boujee on a budget: meaning looking good without breaking the bank and landing up in debt. It's really not worth it. Another thing is that I rewear/repeat outfits, please tell me I am not the only one?

But any who today; I am sharing one of my fave go-to Spring styles.  I love spring because I get to put away those coats and bring out the shorts. But Cali weather will be ice cold one day and blazing hot the next day. So one needs to be prepared.

For this outfit my friend actually styled it (she is a fashion designer) but the clothes are mine. I am all about something old, something borrowed and something blue. In this outfit I do not have something borrowed but I do have something old and blue.

My crop top is from Papaya, shorts are from Mr Price. I cannot recap how much I paid for the top but I can assure you it was not more than $10.00. The sorts were a gift from my friend in highschool, so I've had them for almost 8 years (that is the something old).

These boots were a gift from my friend for Christmas 2017 but I can tell you where she got them. They are from JustFab. As per my understanding Justfab is a monthly subscription for shoes, bags and many more. Be sure to check them out.

Photo Credit: Luciana Bezerra Edit Credit: Moments Captured

Overall I loved this outfit as I was able to stay warm while looking stylish and slaying on a budget. Can't wait to share more Fashion Diaries with you Pretty Faces.

The world is my Runway
xoxo Not Just A Pretty Face oxox