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Boots In Spring // Fashion Diaries

Pretty Faces, it's no lie that I have been slacking with the fashion blogging. But you know what; I am not just going to buy clothes for the fact of "the picture", "the gram" and who knows what else. You all know your girl is on a THGHT budget! I feel like I am the definition of a budget queen, wouldn't you agree?

Boujee on a budget: meaning looking good without breaking the bank and landing up in debt. It's really not worth it. Another thing is that I rewear/repeat outfits, please tell me I am not the only one?

But any who today; I am sharing one of my fave go-to Spring styles.  I love spring because I get to put away those coats and bring out the shorts. But Cali weather will be ice cold one day and blazing hot the next day. So one needs to be prepared.

For this outfit my friend actually styled it (she is a fashion designer) but the clothes are mine. I am all about something old, something borrowed and something blue. In this outfit I do not have something borrowed but I do have something old and blue.

My crop top is from Papaya, shorts are from Mr Price. I cannot recap how much I paid for the top but I can assure you it was not more than $10.00. The sorts were a gift from my friend in highschool, so I've had them for almost 8 years (that is the something old).

These boots were a gift from my friend for Christmas 2017 but I can tell you where she got them. They are from JustFab. As per my understanding Justfab is a monthly subscription for shoes, bags and many more. Be sure to check them out.

Photo Credit: Luciana Bezerra Edit Credit: Moments Captured

Overall I loved this outfit as I was able to stay warm while looking stylish and slaying on a budget. Can't wait to share more Fashion Diaries with you Pretty Faces.

The world is my Runway
xoxo Not Just A Pretty Face oxox

Boxycharm April 2018 | Unboxing | Try On Haul

April is almost DONE! I am sad but happy. If that makes sense.

Not only was April my birthday month but I also got to experience some dissapontement and in the process I had to let go. But that is not why you are here. You are here because it's UNBOXING time. Props to Gill (me) because I managed to do an unboxing in the same month as I received it. Yas Gal!!!

If you follow me on instagram and read my previous unboxing blogs you would know that Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that cost $21. I get 5 FULL SIZE products with a value  of over $100. Now that is what I call a bargain. 

This months products value were $138.00 and this is what I got;

Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow: Liquid Highlighter:

This is one of the worst liquid highlighters that I have ever used and this is coming from a Tarte lover. The highlighter is just liquid glitter and it is so hard to blend in.

Colourpop ElementOf Surprise Eyeshadow Palette:

Colourpop really came through with this eyeshadow palette. The colours are so pigmented and they are bold. Those are for sure spring colours. 

Dr Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner:

By now everyone knows that I LOVE Dr. Brandt products. And I was so happy to try out the Vacuum Cleaner. It is amazing and leaves my skin so soft and ready for makeup.

The Browgal Instatint Tinted Eyebrow Gel:

Another miss, and I blame Boxycharm for this! I received an blonde eyebrow gel from The Browgal. All I am going to say is: you guys know my skin tone and I don't think I could rock blonde eyebrows. #JustSaying. 

Adesse Hi Definition Liquid Lipstick:

Everyone needs a popping lip colour. And I love my mattes but Adesse really stepped it up with the Hi Definition Liquid lipstick.

Be sure to watch the full video where I did the full unboxing and try on haul. 

If you are a boxybaddie, what were your thoughts of this months box? Remember be honest because its the best policy!

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. -Kahlil Gibran
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Fears at 25...

By now it is no joke that I turned 25 about two weeks ago. Turning 25 was a big wake up call for me as I had to reflect on what I have done with my life. I realized I had not done half of the things I wanted to do. You can read all about it on my previous post.

Today I want to discuss me fears at 25.

Let's jump into it!

  1. Moving back home.
  2. Looking for a job.
  3. Looking for a place to stay.
  4. Cultural shock.
  5. Not wanting to leave.
  6. Getting to comfortable.
  7. Settling for less then I deserve.
  8. Not finishing my degree.
  9. Not following my heart.
  10. Never being able to date some one.

These 10 fears go through my head every single day and sometimes they give me sleepless nights. If I was to move back home; I wouldn't have a place to stay. Many people don't know this and many are like "you can live with your family" but many don't know my situation so that is out of the question. Job hunting is not easy! Especially in my country, there are so many qualified people who are currently jobless. Technically speaking, I will be homeless and jobless. Now that is not a great combination, is it?

I know for sure I am going to have reverse cultural shock. There is no way I can prepare for it but I am sure ready for it. But all I am saying while I am having reverse cultural shock I just want to do it enjoying a Triple Chocolate Dessert from Woolworths! Yum! 

My heart and body is ready to leave and start my new chapter as it is time. I am most definitely not getting younger. But on the other hand I am like "what if my dream husband is here?" hahaha, you figured it out I am a hopeless romantic. And also right now I am comfortable and one thing is as soon as you get comfortable you get lazy. Correct me if I am wrong; you may have a lot of things to do but as soon as your bum bum hits the couch, you get comfortable and lazy. And that is what I do not want. I am not okay with my life right now. I WANT MORE! I KNOW I DESERVE MORE! I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. 

Finishing my degree is a MUST for me. Many people say "you don't need a degree" but personally for me I want a degree. I also want to graduate and say "Look Mom, I did it"! From now on I will be following my heart instead of following peoples opinions of what I should be doing with my life. I feel like Bon Jovi said it best; "It's my life, it's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive".

Do not get me wrong. I love being single and being able to do what I want, when I want. But, I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want to get married some day have a family, for now only dogs, as I have had my fair share with kids. Also just be able to share life with someone because being single sometimes gets lonely. And if you are single and NEVER feel lonely, please do share your tips. Because I must be doing something wrong. 

Being 25 is not that bad but it sure is a rude awakening! - NotJustAPrettyFace


Disclaimer: all pictures use where from pexel.

How to style a CHEAP WIG?

You all know I am about looking good on a budget and without breaking the bank. Always out there looking for bargains. One thing that I need to say is that I am not cheap but I am also not in the position to be splurging one things. 

As you know by now I am growing my hair natural and I love me protective styles and wigs! I found this nice AFFORDABLE wig from on of my favourite online hair stores. Can you guess which one it is? 

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that Samsbeauty is my go-to online hair store and also they always have great deals and deliver on time. I have not been disappointed till date, touch wood. 

But you didn't come here to read all about it, you came to see how your girl styles a cheap wig. I bought this wig for $6.99 (excluding tax), yes you read it right, $6.99. I was a bit skeptical at first as I was planning for the worst but "hey" I made it work! 

Products Used:
Be sure to checkout my tutorial where I show you step for step to how to customize a cheap wig. Be sure to give it a thumbs and and don't forget to subscribe. 

Life is too short to have boring hair.