Being an Au Pair/Au Poor

I am sure each Au Pair has a different journey as not everyones experience is the same. But this is my experience.

Why I chose Au Pairing was because I wanted to travel but as we all know it is super expensive to travel. So Au Pairing was a great combination of working with kids and traveling. And I must say being an Au Pair has made me so much stronger, independent and I see the world in colour.

People tend to think being an Au Pair is easy, well news flash it isn't. It is hard work believe or not. I look after twins and at the end of each day I am super tired and just want my bed, which is bad because it feels like I am sleeping throughout my Au Pair experience. There are great days that I have with the munchkins and then terrible days where I just want to drink and cry my eyes out. But I am a long way from home so breaking down is not an option for this Au Pair.

To be honest I did not become an Au Pair for the money, as we get paid less then the minimum wages per hour. I became an Au Pair because I love kids and I just didn't want to become a teacher, but still wanted to work with kids. So guess it was the best of both words. Many Au Pairs have different schedules; mine is very simple. I work Monday to Fridays and sometimes weekends too. And on my off weekends I go and explore and hangout with friends. Or just sleep ad binge watch series as I am just too exhausted to do anything.

So many people have asked me if I would consider being an Au Pair again and my answer is no. Why you might wonder? Firstly I can't imagine being an Au Pair for a different family (you never know how they treat you), secondly I am not getting younger and I have my dreams and goals that I want to achieve and being an Au Pair is not going to help me get there. And thirdly life is expensive (everyone has a different level of expensive) and with an Au Pair salary I can't always buy what I want or travel where I want to.

Au Pairing gave me an opportunity to travel around America and experience life. Do yourself a favor and get a job where you can live abroad and experience the culture exchange. It is the best thing you could ever do to yourself!

Travel, Explore and Be You...


Cafe Calypso/Breakfast For One

Saturday morning and I feel like sticking myself for breakfast downtown San Clemente. Couldn't decide where to go so I went to Yelp and found Cafe Calypso.

A nice spacious setting, right on the streets of Del Mar and I could choose if I wanted to sit inside and outside. I chose outside of cause.(natural lighting hahaha)

Outside setting of Cafe Calypso

Beautiful view, fresh air and yes some people watching was involved through out my bites of the Calypso Waffle I ordered. Sunny California wasn't so sunny so I decided to order a White Chocolate Mocha, which all went straight to my tummy. Yummyness for days.

Calypso Waffle and White Chocolate Mocha

The service was excellent and the people are so friendly and serve you with a big smile. That alone made my food taste even better. I would say the only down fall I had is that I struggled to connect to the wifi so after a while I gave up and ended up meeting new friends. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise.

Do yourself a favour and go check it out if you are ever in San Clemente.


Natural Glow/Basic Makeup For Beginners

Friday night plans with the squad and you need to look on point right? Got your outfit, shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and... OH MY GOODNESS you need to do your makeup. Which shouldn't be a problem right? But it is because you don't know where to start!

Don't worry pretty faces I did a mini makeup tutorial for beginners. A Natural glow that is easy to follow. You can tone it up or down. And yes of cause I will share all the products I used. I wouldn't leave you hanging.

Products used: 


  • E.L.F (Pearl Eye Primer)
  • Elizabeth Mott (Show Me Your Glow Eyeshadow)
  • M Princess (Chestnut Eyeshadow)
  • Nomad (Marrakes-Desert Sand Eyeshadow)
  • IT (Superhero Mascara)
  • Too Faced (Better Than Sex Mascara) 


  • Too Faced (Hangover Face Primer)
  • Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation (Colour 4.2)
  • L.A. Girl (Colour Almond concealer)
  • Smash Box (Medium/Darks Face Powder)
  • Model Co (Peach Bellini Blush)
  • Seraphine Botanicals(Highlighter)


  • CĂ©lavi Matte Lipstick (Vice)
  • AOA Studio Liquid Lipstick (Wonder Metal 2208)

Now that you know what you need, why not go out and try it. I even did a video for you to follow on my youtube channel.