Cafe Calypso/Breakfast For One

Saturday morning and I feel like sticking myself for breakfast downtown San Clemente. Couldn't decide where to go so I went to Yelp and found Cafe Calypso.

A nice spacious setting, right on the streets of Del Mar and I could choose if I wanted to sit inside and outside. I chose outside of cause.(natural lighting hahaha)

Outside setting of Cafe Calypso

Beautiful view, fresh air and yes some people watching was involved through out my bites of the Calypso Waffle I ordered. Sunny California wasn't so sunny so I decided to order a White Chocolate Mocha, which all went straight to my tummy. Yummyness for days.

Calypso Waffle and White Chocolate Mocha

The service was excellent and the people are so friendly and serve you with a big smile. That alone made my food taste even better. I would say the only down fall I had is that I struggled to connect to the wifi so after a while I gave up and ended up meeting new friends. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise.

Do yourself a favour and go check it out if you are ever in San Clemente.


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