Rodan + Fields - Review Time

If you are like me and 90% of the time you are without makeup, you want to be confident with your "bare face". And I can say that has been me since I started using Rodan + Fields.

To be clear this is not a sponsored blog, just my personal experience and opinion.

I am really bless to have wonderful neighbors who care and listen to me complaining about my face everyday. So my neighbor suggested that I try out Rodan + Field and what a life changer it was!

This is my face before Rodan + Field (Pictures are unedited)

Looking back at this picture I had some marks on my face.

Firstly, I love the packaging, I mean who doesn't like purple? The products are packaged in a box, which is very steady and spacious.

In total I received four products:

1. Face Wash.
The first week I only washed my face once a day with the face wash as it was part of the instructions and I also wanted to see how my face reacted to the face wash. So in the morning I would just rinse my face off with lukewarm water and at night wash my face with the face wash, Which smells amazing and a little goes a long way.

2. Toner
After my face air dries, I apply the toner with a cotton pad and leave it to soak into my skin and also dry. The toner was very gentle on my skin which made me happy because when I try new face products on my face it usually stings. And no one likes that, especially me...

3. Moisturizer
The moisturizer is the best part for me. It has two pumps and I usually use two pumps of each side. So the moisturizer has two sides: the one side is and the other side is. I pumped both side and mix them together with my finger tips and apply it with my finger tips to my face. The moisturizer is so refreshing. It doesn't leave your face dry at all.

4. Sunscreen
No matter the color of your skin, you need to protect it. And that is what I like from the Rodan + Fields collection. It comes with sunscreen. What I do is during the day I apply the sunscreen on my face because I am outside with the kids. And I want to protect my skin. (It will thank me later) And night I apply the moisturizer.

This is my face two and a half weeks using Rodan + Fields.

In two and a half weeks my marks started to disappear and my complexion started to get lighter too.

As an au pair, the prices are a bit pricey. But I must also say for the quality of the product, the prices are not actually bad. The range from $160 - $190. What I like about the Rodan + Fields range is that a little goes a long way.

Will I use Rodan + Fields again? Hell yes. I am totally in love with Rodan + Fields. If you struggle with problem skin, do yourself a favor and go get you some Rodan + Fields. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.



  1. I haven't bought this because of the price and I use other more affordable products that work well for me already but I have used samples and it seems really good!

    1. The price is a bit hectic. If you don't mind me asking what do you use that does the same work as Rodan + Fields