Target Buys Under $50 // Shopping on a Au Pair Budget

As most of you know, I am an Au Pair (Au Poor) and I am all about looking/feeling good on a budget.

So we don't get paid millions, but that is no excuse for not being able to look/feel good. I decided to go to Target and see what goodies I could get under $50 (including tax). Let me not bore you to death any longer because I am sure you are dying to see what I got.

 Wireless Headphones:

I am a big lover for headphones but they keep on breaking. So I am at that point where I don't want to spend a lot on headphones/earphones if they keep on breaking. So I got these awesome wireless headphones for only $10. If that is not a bargain, then I don't know what is...

Watch the time:

Watches are my go-to accessories and once again I have managed to break them or they just stopped working... But no fear when Target is near. I found this lovely watch on sale at Target for $7.48. And I am totally in love with it. It goes with everything and now I don't have an excuse for being late as everyone knows that I bought a watch.

Earrings for days:

Diamonds are indeed my best friend, but for now I will settle for sterling silver earrings. I have sensitive ears, I look for earrings that will not hurt my ears. I did try the earrings and I can only where it for a few hours max. So that was kind of a bummer. These earrings cost me $14.99.

Line those lips:

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I love the brow gel from essence, but this time I decided to try their lip liners. The liner was $1.99 and I don't think it was bad at all. Essence is quite a nice go-to drugstore brand so I didn't mind spending that.

All together I spent $37.13 , which I think is very reasonable for what I was able to buy.

What are your fave Target buys under $50?

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"I could give up shopping, but I am not a quitter"


September Charms - Boxycharm September 2017

Hello Pretty Faces,

So if you follow my instagram, you would know that I am a boxy charm fan. And I do love their  monthly charms that they throw my way.

This is my first official blog about my monthly subscription with Boxycharm. So a little background regarding Boxy Charm is that it is a monthly subscription that you pay $21,00 + tax every month. And the beauty of this is that you get FULL SIZE make up goodies. Anything from face masks to brushes. The retail value is over $100 and you only pay $21, now why would you say no to that? Please note this is not a sponsored post just my personal opinion and experience.

Charms received in September:

Briogeo - deep conditioning mask.

This is a hair conditioning mask for your hair. This mask is supposed to repair damaged hair, enhance shine and reduce hair breakage by 81% just after 3 uses. Unfortunately I have not tried this out, as I just did my Faux Locs. But when I do try it out, I will be sure to share the outcome.

M.A.C - Eyebrow Crayon

I've never tried an crayon from M.A.C, so you can just imagine how excited I was when this charm arrived this month. The crayon is very soft, it glides while I put it on my brows and the pigment surprised me. As most of the eyebrow crayons I have use are not as pigmented, so I end up using the pomade with they crayon. So good job M.A.C.

PÜR - Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette

Boxycharm introduced me to the PÜR brand and must say I am hooked. If you follow me on instagram (@official_gillsee) you would see that I tried their eyelashes and I fell involve with them And this month I got to try their palette. OH MY GOSH!!! Another instant love. The colors are very pigmented and they are nice and gentle on my eyes. Think this might become my favourite go-to palette. 

Studio Makeup - Loose Blush

If you know me, you know I like a good blush because I don't have red cheeks so I need to fake it until I make it. This loose powder was different from what I am use to. A little goes a long way and I found the more I put on the brighter the colour got. I feel like the loose blush could be used if you are looking for a subtle look. Once again this is my opinion.

Colourpop - Ultra Satin Lip

A charming box is ever completed without colourpop. Colourpop is one of my fave lip brands to wear. I was so happy to see that I got yet another colourpop lipstick this month. I got it in the colour Little Stitious 17G3 and I would be lying if I said putting on this colour didn't make me feel like a barbie girl. The colour was perfect, it really complimented my skin tone. And the wear, unbelievable. It stayed on for about 5 hours, but I had to retouch a few times.

Feel free to click on this picture if you want to see how I used this month's charms to get all glammed up. And if you also are subscribed to boxy charm please do tag me in your looks, would love to see how everyone got creative this month. 

If you loved this post about Boxy Charm and feel like you need to get your hand on it, just click here, you won't be sorry.


Fab Friday - Be The Queen You Were Meant To Be

As you know I have started a Self Love series. Where its all about giving love to yourself before giving it to others. And today is FriYAY so why not be all fabulous. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
My fabulous plans for Friday usually involves make up, hair and lots of dancing. After a long week at work/college you deserve to unwind and look after yourself. Some TLC never killed nobody. So why not dust of those dancing and dance to your own beat. Just go out there enjoy what is around you, even though it not your type of vibe. 

Self love has a lot to do with loving yourself wherever you are. Babe, you deserve the best. You were born to shine, fade away. Be fabulous!

Some tips for a fabulous Friday:

1. Just Chill! 

A long week? No worries. Just get into your comfy clothes (the sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up clothes), pour yourself a glass of red wine, since its Fall and put your feet up. 

2. Make Plans.

Now don't get too comfy now, call one of your girlfriends and make some plans for dinner, drinks or just a pure good time. And if no one can join... Guess you will have to be your own wing queen. 

3. Dolly Up.

Yes girl! got to put on some lips before you leave the house. And just the right amount of highlighter because someone needs to steal the shine. 

4. Dance To Your Own Beat.

Since you did all the work, you deserve to move your feet to your beat. By that I mean going out for dinner or that drink you have been craving for days. And if you are like me. You just want the beat to hit your soul so that you can just dance the night away. 

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash
Now if this does not get you excited for the weekend, then we need a serious talk. But we shall catch up after the weekend as Gu-wee needs to go put on her dancing shoes.

"I'm obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own SKIN."


Self Love - Be The Queen You Were Meant To Be.

I remember this like yesterday. When I was in high school a kid said that I think to much about myself. Which I was like "that's rude" because I always care about everyone around me and I put them first. But the girl who was sitting next to me heard that and she replied "If you don't think about yourself no one will" and it hit me that she was right. If you don't love yourself how can you share love with other people.

Sometimes you need to think about yourself, be a bit SELFISH and do what you want to do. And for some odd reason, it's seen as a bad thing when you put yourself first, for once. Why though? Why is it such a bad thing to have some selflove?

Love yourself with no limits, appreciate the person you are and have become. We tend to forget about ourselves because we also put everybody's need before our own. I am most definitely at fault. I use to skip out looking after myself, treating myself and pursuing my dreams. There came a point where I just couldn't do it anymore. Where I was like "I keep on helping everyone out but I am still stuck in the same place". And that is where I took the stand. The self love stand! 

When I started doing me I started to loose some friends or they were just "weird" towards me. At first I kind of freaked me out because I was becoming "friendless". But I got up, dusted myself off and carried on with doing me. Self love is what I needed to discover myself, to find out who I am without the people around me. To discover the REAL ME!

I would love to share some of my self love tips with you pretty faces, but guess you will have to wait for the next post. 

She remembered who she was and the game changes - Lalah Deliah 

My life with God.

Once, not so long ago someone told me "a Godly women would not do that". I never replied on that because firstly: I couldn't believe that I was being attacked on my relationship with God and secondly, only God can judge me. 

Many see me as this bubbly, happy, always smiling girl. But they also know my heart and know that God comes first in everything I do in my life. Just writing this, I start to tear up as I wouldn't be here without God my saviour. 

God makes no mistakes, my life was surely not a mistake. It was a great gift and blessing from God. My close, dear friends and family know my up bringing and I am not saying it was easy but God had His hand of protection over me. 

In 2013 I was supposed to go Au Pair in Holland. I was so excited on my "new start" and a change of scenery. But for some odd reason nothing was working out. Every door I knocked on didn't open up. It broke my heart, not going to lie. My mom then said "Its not God's timing and you need to except that". And she was right (because moms are ALWAYS right). Because it didn't work out at that time, I carried on with life. Got a job, changed jobs, grew as a person and kept on praising God through everything. August 2016, I remember this day like yesterday, I was driving home and listening to Hillsong and just praising and worshipping God. In my heart I felt that change was need again, but this time my heart and mind leaned toward Au Pairing. Something that I have forgotten about. And funny enough when I got home, my other mom walks to me in the kitchen and says that she thinks I should do Au Pairing. We were both in the kitchen like "oh my goodness". We were stunned but we both knew that was God. 
My prayer to God was "God if this is for me, please guide me. Have your hand of protection on me. I know that Your timing is the perfect timing". And indeed it was. Long story short: God put me in an amazing family, wonderful state, surround by the best neighbors I have ever met in my life.
God knew what He was doing, I just needed to be patient and trust Him. His timing was the perfect timing. Looking back right now, I really needed the change and to get away and God knew that too and He provided. 

"When you ask, you will receive. You are a Child of God and only deserve the best" - everyday motivation.