Fab Friday - Be The Queen You Were Meant To Be

As you know I have started a Self Love series. Where its all about giving love to yourself before giving it to others. And today is FriYAY so why not be all fabulous. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
My fabulous plans for Friday usually involves make up, hair and lots of dancing. After a long week at work/college you deserve to unwind and look after yourself. Some TLC never killed nobody. So why not dust of those dancing and dance to your own beat. Just go out there enjoy what is around you, even though it not your type of vibe. 

Self love has a lot to do with loving yourself wherever you are. Babe, you deserve the best. You were born to shine, fade away. Be fabulous!

Some tips for a fabulous Friday:

1. Just Chill! 

A long week? No worries. Just get into your comfy clothes (the sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up clothes), pour yourself a glass of red wine, since its Fall and put your feet up. 

2. Make Plans.

Now don't get too comfy now, call one of your girlfriends and make some plans for dinner, drinks or just a pure good time. And if no one can join... Guess you will have to be your own wing queen. 

3. Dolly Up.

Yes girl! got to put on some lips before you leave the house. And just the right amount of highlighter because someone needs to steal the shine. 

4. Dance To Your Own Beat.

Since you did all the work, you deserve to move your feet to your beat. By that I mean going out for dinner or that drink you have been craving for days. And if you are like me. You just want the beat to hit your soul so that you can just dance the night away. 

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash
Now if this does not get you excited for the weekend, then we need a serious talk. But we shall catch up after the weekend as Gu-wee needs to go put on her dancing shoes.

"I'm obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own SKIN."


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