Physical Self Love - Be The Queen You Were Meant To Be.

In my first post regarding Self Love, I briefly touched on what I saw as Self Love. But now I'm going to take one step deeper. Because deeper is better right?

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Personally I don't care what the dictionary says about Self Love because my definition is simple: PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST! Period.

This is the first part of three parts for the Self Love series (if I could call it that) that I will be doing. This post is all about the Physical Self Love.

1. Drink Water

If you are anything like me and don't like the taste of water at all. You come up with a way to get that H2O in body. So this is what I do:
  • In the morning before my coffee/tea I have this rule. I cannot drink my hot beverage if I don't drink a glass of water first. 
  • I live for ice! I am a bigger lover for ice and the reason is because of my health but I use that to my advantage. I add ice to my water bottle so when I drink water, I will drink until I get a piece of ice. This works every time.

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Water is very good for your body and your body plays a big role when it comes to Self Love. Because without a body how will you be able to take care of yourself physically?

2. Go For A Walk

So during the week and most weekends I do not have a car, I use my God given gifts and walk. I do plenty  of walking; from walking with two kids, pushing a stroller to the park/target to just walking to the store by myself. Walking keeps me lean and not so mean but while I walk I get to focus on me. On what I want in life and what I want to see happen. I feel like when I walk I am able to think clearly. Fresh air is always good for the brain. 

Sometimes you don't need a car to get away, you just need a good pair of running shoes, music and nature to clear your head. 

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3. Shake What Your Momma Gave You

Yes, you read it right. Dance, shake your bum bum, like no one is watching. When I dance I feel free, trouble free and worry free. If you know me, you would know that when I hit the dance floor... I drop it like it is hot and I don't care who is watching because I am doing me Boo! 

Dancing gives you an opportunity to let go. Those few minutes that you just let go can turn out to be the best minutes of your day.

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4. Free Hugs

I'm a hugger. So I always give out hugs as if I'm Oprah. Lately I have been wanting a hug from my Mommy Dearest because I went through a teary couple of days. Truth be told nothing beats a mommy's hug. But God blessed me with people around me who love giving hugs and I take it with open arms, no pun intended.

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"Sometimes all you really need is someone to hug you tight and refuse to let you go until you feel better. You are very special"
Don't be afraid to receive hugs because sometimes it ends up being the day you needed it the most and you didn't even know it.

5. Hot Shower, Yes Please! 

So, I am not a bath person. Reason being is because I feel like if you bath, you just end up bathing in your own filth. But any who, that's me being Gu-wee.

What I do after a long day is: I take a lovely hot shower and just take a deep breath and relax. After that I change into my comfy pj's.

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But if you are a bath person, get your self some essential oils, bath bombs, music and a glass of wine and unwind. Don't worry about anyone else but yourself. This is the time where you need to put yourself first.

Self Love means being a bit selfish; putting yourself first, chasing your dreams or just plain splurging money on yourself. Because you work hard not to do so.

"You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself" -R.Z.

Why are we so scared to spoil ourselves?


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  1. Whenever I want to give myself some TLC I buy skin care related stuff or I buy myself some flowers!! I do drink a lot of water as well!