Style On A Budget - PopPoly

Hey Pretty Faces, decided to do my very first clothing review. As you already know I am an Au Pair (Au Poor) and I love the finer things in life, but I can't always afford them. But that is no train smash if you find some hidden online shopping gems.

I decided to check out PopPoly, a Women Fashion Online Store that is super affordable. Because it was my first time ordering from this online store, I only ordered one item to see if I really like it. Not going to drag this out any longer so let's see what I ordered.

What I ordered was a Poppoly Lead Me To You Bat Sleeves Sweater. I order it in the smallest size, which was a Small. On the picture it looked wine red but when I received it, it was more of an burgundy. If you know me, you know I am a lover for burgundy so I did not complain.

I paid $19.45 excluding tax. It took a while to get delivered. By the time I received it, I kinda forgot about it. Oops!

When I did the shoot to showcase this top, it looked red in the sun as you can see in the pictures. Which explains why it is advertised as wine red.

The fit was big. I feel like it was a big small. But it is a sweater and sweaters should be big and loose. Loved the sleeved though. They are not to narrow and it makes it easy to move around with. And I am a big sucker for open shoulders, the only thing I hate about open shoulders is when I lift up my arms. But this sweater stayed in place no matter how high I lifted up my arms. So of cause that is a big plus! 

As you can see I had fun shooting this all by myself.

Would I order from PopPoly again? Uhm... Yes I would order from them. Personally I feel like if you need the item now, you shouldn't order from them. But if you are willing to wait then give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to loose.    

" Fashion is art and you are the canvas" -Velvet Paper


  1. Great review. This colour looks amazing on you (Zahra)

  2. This proves that you can look good and stylish on a budget!

  3. I think that sweater looks great on you! I love the oversized fit! Great choice!

    1. At first I was a bit skeptical but when I put it on. I loved the oversize fit.

  4. such a great post- I love looking cute for less!

  5. I am so addicted to online shopping and have been looking for other places besides my usual. Thanks for sharing - will have to check them out. Also, I'm glad you weren't too bummed about the burgundy thing - I LOVE wine red and would've been a bit disappointed. (Erm, how do I follow your blog??!)

  6. I love this top! I am totally in an off-shoulder kick right now. I would try this store as well. Thanks for sharing

  7. Nice and amazing colours. Beautiful and stylish.

  8. You definitely wear it well! I love the bat sleeves. I'm inspired to get something similar. I would love to wear it with a long black sleek pencil skirt and boots. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more.