Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipstick//Influenster

Hey Pretty Face so if you know me, you would know I am a budget queen and I love me some good lippies. For the month of October I received my VoxBox from Influenster. For those who don't know Influenster, don't worry, Gu-wee's got your back. 

Influenster is the best thing since sliced bread. You register on the website and then there are some task that you will need to complete. While doing that you might get chosen for a VoxBox. Now a VoxBox is where you get products to sample and give your HONEST opinion and you get to keep it. Can I get a whoop whoop. PS. signing up is totally free. So what are you waiting for?

But now that you know what its all about, let's get into my VoxBox that I received this month. This month I received my free VoxBox from Maybelline. I was asked to try their new Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipstick. I was very excited to try it, as I love a good matte and on top of that it is Metallic!

Colours that I was asked to try out were: 970 - Molten Bronze and 978 - Smoked silver. I did swatches on my arm. The colours looked amazing on my skin, the Metallic was a good add. 

But I never wiped off the lipstick from my arm and I kid you not, in less then an hour it was gone. I was only left with shimmers on my arm. So that already kinda put me off as I love a long lasting matte lipstick.

I used it on my lips and it most definitely didn't feel like a matte lipstick. It was a lipstick with shimmer. Feel free to go and check out the small video I did on Instagram. Disclaimer I received this product free so that I could test it and give my honest opinion.

Would I buy Matte Metallics? Uhm that is an easy no. But would I buy Maybelline again? Yes indeed. One of my favourite nude matte lipstick is from Maybelline. 

If you received a VoxBox, please do share what you received and what you thoughts are.

It's not "just" Lipstick... It's SELF CONFEDENCE!



  1. Looks awesome! I just came from having my makeup done!

  2. Thanks for the review... i think its a great product. thanks for sharing

    - regina

  3. I think the Molten Bronze shade looks definitely better. Too bad they weren't long lasting.

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