Whiter Teeth at Home?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Smile Brilliant but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever wanted whiter teeth but your budget just didn't allow it? I feel you because
that use to be me, until Smile Brilliant reached out and helped me to make my teeth white
again. The best part of it all is: I could do it in the comfort of my own bed.

Red wine, coffee and tea are just a few things that can stain your teeth over a course of
time. And that is where Smile Brilliant teeth whitening comes in. It whitens your teeth and
also protects it from getting stained again. Be sure to watch my previous video showing the
whole process.

What I like about Smile Brilliant teeth whitening; is the fact that I can do it at home or while
running errands, so easy to use, results do show over a period and you can continue using it
whenever you feel like you need a lil pick me up. Oh and before I forget, it is super
affordable and a little goes a long way.

But with all that being said, you know your girl keeps it real. When I started the process, my
gums started burning. Which lead to me stopping to use the teeth whitening for a couple of
days. I then went back again and the same thing happened. I reached out to one of the
Smile Brilliant consultants and they informed me to rub vaseline on my gums before I start
the process. It really helped and made the process so much easier.

All in all, Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening is amazing! And I would recommend it to

So what are you waiting for? Get those pearly whites ready for summer!


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Smile, and let the world wonder why. 
xoxo Not Just A Pretty Face oxox

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